Follow your instincts…

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Recently my blog got recognized as being one of the best 47 Antique Blogs! Not only was I honored, but when I received the email that I was selected I was shocked! Not because I didn’t think I was worthy … Continued

Slipping back in time

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Most of us start our days off going through the motions. Waking up stretching our back, making breakfast for ourselves and the family, jumping in the shower, getting the kids off to school and going to work. There are 365 … Continued

My creative soul

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  Photo by : Andrew Quist Photography     What lights your fire? Makes you feel alive and motivates you to be better at everything you do. Is it the people in your lives who surround you, the environment in … Continued

Back to Europe

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      The first time I ever traveled to Europe I was in my early twenties, with little responsibility and a zest for life. After years of wanting to see the world It was finally that time to start … Continued

My Brimfield experiences

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  Anyone that lives in the New England area probably has heard or has been to the Brimfield Antiques show. For those of you who haven’t let me do my best to try and explain what it’s all about. Three … Continued

Where we last left off

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  Ultimately when I first started this blog nine years ago I had every intention of solely writing about antiques and design. As we all know sometimes life imitates art and it always winds up creeping into the mix. For … Continued