Bucket list..What the hell is that anyway??

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“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” – Henry David Thoreau

Last night was one of those nights not like any other. Something magical was brewing up in the sky. I had just stepped out the door from the shop and looked up into the Concord sky. It beckoned me, calling my name leading me to get into my car and drive over to the historic North Bridge down the road. I have been to this place over a thousand times but tonight as I got out of my car my footsteps quickened for I knew If I didn’t hurry I would miss the show. What a show it was indeed, a myriad of fog and colors so beautiful I thought I was looking into heaven. I had only wished I had my better camera with me to capture the beauty but alas I only had my phone so it would have to do. So I snapped away all the while enjoying and taking in every single moment with a smile on my face!. It was truly a moment in time that I will never forget and I am grateful to be alive  and to have had experienced it.!!

Lately I have been reading about the idea of what a  Bucket list really is. People seem to talk about it all the time lately. It became a term relating to a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime. Mostly it seems the people that talk about it the most are entering a mid life period in their lives. I had never really given it to much thought before I turned 40.

I have always had dreams and aspirations I mean come on name one super creative person who doesn’t? :), but I guess I am at that mid life point in my life where I can deeply reflect on the past with love and joy, but am a bit scared and apprehensive about what is in store for the future. So lately I have been trying to put more of a positive spin about my life and what I want to do with it going forward. That includes at the present moment where I want to take my career.

Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results” Lately I have been coming back to this quote time after time. It may be because it’s just where I  feel I am in my work.

A couple of years ago I signed up on the site Linked In. When I did I didn’t really put a whole lot of effort into it because it didn’t seem like the kind of site that necessarily caters to us “creative types”. About a month ago I received a network request from an old friend and it kind of kicked me in the ass to revamp my profile up a bit and to also start focusing on where my strengths are and put myself out there more not only on Linked In but by word of mouth and networking, the real Linked In! Most of my friends and family will tell you I will talk to just about anyone and will strike up a conversation with anyone who will listen to my rambles. So I just started doing just that and trying to promote my business of decorative furniture painting and home decorating.

By doing this I also put more out online on my personal and business FB page and Instagram and  quickly I started to get a positive response. While I love buying and selling antiques I have taken the step forward to branch out a bit with my talents an start building my brand “Antique Therapy” up more as a whole and encompassing the painting and decorating and offering clients my personal shopping skills to source other decorative antiques to include into their home design scheme. Since then I have been working on a few painting jobs and am happily looking forward to more that come my way.

Aside from my work aspirations there are still many other things on my so called “Bucket list” That I would like to do in my life, and while the idea of a  bucket list is certainly intriguing I also know that there are so many moments in our lives that just happen naturally and unplanned. Like the sunset at the bridge last night I always will look forward to each an every single one and openly welcome them into my life with the utmost gratitude for the life I have been given and the chance to experience them.

That being said It’s still important to write down your dreams and aspirations and send it out into the universe while at the same time making your own efforts to pursue the things that you want out of life. So here goes…This is my own version of my “Bucket List”


1.) To see and smell the lilac fields in France.

2.) Ski into Italy from Switzerland.

3.) Run the Boston marathon.

4.) Be in a tv. show or movie, or host a show.

5.) Fly…not sure how but I have dreamed about it!

6.) Take singing lessons.

7.) Be a lead singer in a band.

8.) DJ and mix music for an event.

9.) Live in Europe for a couple of years.

10.) Write a book.

11.) Host another Cabinet of Curiosities Antique show and make it spectacular in an awesome place!

12.) Be in a fashion show on a runway.

13.) Take ballroom dancing lessons.

14.) Buy and ship higher end antiques from Europe to the USA.

15.) See the sunflower fields in Italy.

16.) Kayak the Concord river under the North Bridge.

17.) Be in a magazine….this one is happening next spring for real!!! 🙂

18.) Go to Egypt and see the pyramids and archeological digs.

19.) Get a belly button ring.

20.) Make the most out of every day and enjoy life, see friends, family and loved ones more often and continue to laugh each and every day! 🙂




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