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Recently my blog got recognized as being one of the best 47 Antique Blogs!

Not only was I honored, but when I received the email that I was selected I was shocked! Not because I didn’t think I was worthy of the award but because I have only written about seven blog posts in the past year.

About ten years ago I started this blog. It was a pretty standard themed WordPress format. I tried to write at least one post a week. After some time I started keeping track of my traffic on the site by using Google Analytics. I was getting a substantial amount of hits a day on the site. Although my blog was nothing fancy it didn’t seem to matter to my followers. It was the value of the content that I wrote about that mattered. While I always try to add some visuals to look at, first and foremost I always write from the heart and tell it like it is. That is just my nature, and If you know me and meet me in person I try and emulate my writing style after my true personality. I tend not to follow anyone else’s rules, write in the moment and just be myself. After some time had gone by and my site crashed so there was a short period in between when I had no site running. With the help of a brilliant web designer , she reconfigured the site into this new and improved and visually stunning website and blog.

The owner of Cupboards and Roses that nominated me spoke of my writing to be very cathartic. I thought his description fit perfectly. The meaning simply stating that something is emotionally purging. I guess that describes me…emotional but real! 😉

A few weeks ago I received another email from a company asking me to advertise their site on mine. Now mind you their business relates a little to mine but I really had to think long and hard about what direction I wanted to take this site in. I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t a right fit for me. Every post that I write has to be inspiring in some way to me. I can’t force writing and creativity. It needs to come naturally to me and at my own pace, on my own terms. So as nice as the offer to freelance a post is right now it’s just not for me. When I first came up with the name Antique Therapy, I liked the sound because it’s just what antiquing has always been for me, a sort of escape in a therapeutic way. But now it has become more than that. Now it is also not only my business brand but a way to encompass all aspects of what I do in my job. I am a finder of antiques, a furniture painter and a designer/stylist, so when I found a site of second hand antique furniture online I felt very lucky there is so many options of this type of furniture for me to work on.

I am truly grateful for this sort of award, and hope that my readers continue to follow and support my creative journey through my work and life!

If you want to check out the first site that nominated me for one of the 47 best blogs check them out at Thanks again to them for the nomination!

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  1. Diane Steward

    Thanks for this post. I live in a situation where beautiful things are a source of therapy to me too, so I get your title. So true!

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