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Over a year ago I was contacted by stylist and magazine owner  Fifi O’neill to have my home be one of the featured houses in her magazine French Country Style. Recently the magazine has come out in April and is in local book stores nationwide. My home is on page 56. This was a great opportunity for me to showcase my design work for others to enjoy and to help promote my business. I am truly grateful for the experience! Here is a glimpse of the magazine! For more photos run out and go buy the magazine!!



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  1. Diane Steward

    Hi, I just read the article about your home and enjoyed it so much that I thought I’d check out your blog. Thanks for sharing! I especially liked the idea of ticking everywhere throughout the house. I live in South America now (French inspirations to be found here too!) but I grew up in Maine…so we’re both New Englanders. Will lurk around here a bit from time to time.

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