MIA But still alive and kicking

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It’s been quite some time since my last post. Sorry for that. I guess I haven’t been super motivated to write lately. Even though the winter here was moderately mild I guess I still have a bit of the winter blues. Last week I was able to escape to Florida for some warmth and relaxation so that was nice and hopefully it has given me the energy that I previously desired.

In all honesty I do feel like I am in a bit of a mid life transition. While I have enjoyed what I do I feel it may be time to slip into something a little different. I am starting to feel unfulfilled with what my current job is and needing more of  a creative challenge. My dream job would be to buy antiques and vintage for some company that wants to fly me around the world and stage for them or to just paint more furniture and incorporate in design services for custom jobs and clients. So just on a whim if anyone has that type of job for me please contact me! 😉 I am ready for the change!

On a fun note part of my house will be featured in a magazine this Spring called French Romantic Country by Miss Fifi Oneil! Fifi and her crew came in September to take pictures for the day! It was so cool to see the process of stying a shoot. I am very thankful for this exciting opportunity to be in the magazine and am thrilled to share my home with all of you and to showcase more of my style and design work. Here is a sneak peek of my house. Just so you know these are pictures I took afterwards. Once the article comes out I will share the professional pictures that they took on here. Until then thanks for continuing to follow Antique Therapy! I will be sure to make more of effort to post on here on a more regular basis! Stay tuned…maybe next time we meet I will have my dream job! I am putting it out into the universe! I can’t wait to see the outcome!








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