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Photo by : Andrew Quist Photography



What lights your fire? Makes you feel alive and motivates you to be better at everything you do. Is it the people in your lives who surround you, the environment in which you live?

For me simply enough  some of these are of course all factors but ultimately the one thing that sparks my creative passion is music. Perhaps it’s because they are one in the same seeing that a lot of creative people are musically inclined. While I do not play a particular instrument I have definitely always marched to the beat of a different drum.I guess that goes along with being artsy!  I am not sure I could survive in a world without music.

It has always been such an important part of my life. If I am feeling blue it’s my escape and I will drown myself in it. If I am overjoyed with excitement I am dancing in it. It soothes me, motivates me and takes me to a place like no other. It’s my own form of therapy. I seem to accomplish more creatively when I have the house to myself and the tunes pumped up loud! The louder the better I always say!

While I was at  the Brimfield antiques show last week I brought my iPod and small speaker. It always amazes me that more people set up at the show don’t ever play any music. Now I would love to say it was crazy busy the entire time but anyone who sells there knows there are busy times and down times, and in the slow periods it’s great to have some tunes cranked up! My neighbor Pat from South Porch Antiques had the same idea as me and had tunes playing all week. It was like dueling banjos between my mix of Grateful Dead to Vampire Weekend and his Country music.

I listen to a pretty wide genre of music but while at the show he played this new tune called Bright. It made me smile feel happy and want to dance! Hopefully it will spark some new creativity in me who knows! Listen and enjoy!


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