Strong as a thistle

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I recently went on a trip to Scotland. It is a country filled with lush countryside, rolling hills scattered with purple heather, romantic castles from days gone by, and history that far exceeds ours here in America. The highlands are a magical place, and if the hills could talk I am positive they would have a few million stories to tell. One being about the Scottish thistle.

Being Scotlands national emblem, this resilient little “weed” has spread across the landscape dating back to the 13th century. There is a legend from a sunrise invasion by the soldiers of the Norse King that states that after coming ashore the vikings planned to attack the Scottish clansmen and overcome them in their slumber. Much to the vikings dismay one of their soldiers bare foot came down upon the thistle, and in his agony awoke the sleeping Scots.

Fortunately for the Scots if it weren’t for the thistle the vikings would have won the battle. In the end the Scots were victorious!!

It is so amazing to me how what appears to be such a small, delicate, and beautiful flower is ultimately one of the strongest and most resilient plants living on earth. With it’s fierce sharp thistles filled with fire, vigorous enough to keep away grown men and make them wimper at a single touch. It’s no wonder why alot of them wore leather chaps! 😉

You may wonder what thistles have to do with antiques and interior design, well quite frankly probably not much unless you decide that you like to decorate with thistle plants! 🙂 Maybe it’s more of a metaphor about what they represent, yes oh the symbolism. It’s always there in the back of my mind. Doesn’t matter where I go or what I am doing it hits me in the face every single time. As simple as it sounds I believe things are put in your path for a reason. When I got back  from my trip, I took anther trip to Maine. While walking down to the rocky shore as I often do I happened to look down and what did   appear was a single purple thistle. No other plants just this one. I thought to myself, how odd is this to have just come all the way from Europe only to discover this singular thistle blatantly staring me in the face. I might add that in all my years going to Maine I have never seen them before there and as I searched around the rocks this is the only one plant I saw. As I walked away puzzled and bewildered I came to the conclusion that I might not know the meaning now, but someday I am sure it will come to me unexpectedly with clarity.

Until then I guess I will keep my own thistles on guard and try and stay strong in my own path.




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