My Brimfield experiences

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Anyone that lives in the New England area probably has heard or has been to the Brimfield Antiques show. For those of you who haven’t let me do my best to try and explain what it’s all about.

Three times a year the small town of Brimfield Mass opens it’s doors and literally it’s land to host one of the largest antique shows in the US. With an average of about twenty different fields individually owned by families for generations, and spanning for about two miles. Each field caters to different genres of style and age ranging from Industrial, Mid Century Modern, Primitive, Early American, European, and so on…One of the things I have heard time after time is “If you are looking for  something special and unique Brimfield is the place to find it” The show generally spans from Tuesday through Sunday with various individual field openings.

This will be my seventh time doing the show. I remember the first time I sold there I could barely contain my excitement. As usual I cranked the radio to the max in the car on the forty minute drive to get out to the show. I was anxious yet pumped to start setting up! After carefully setting the design venue two days later we were ready to be open to the public. With about two hours sleep we opened our tent and the crowds flooded in. We were busy for about five hours straight. To say the least it was a successful day and week!

One of the best things about Brimfield for me is the interesting people that I meet. They come from all around the world including places like Japan, Europe, Austrailia and throughout the US. Shop owners, movie set designers, celebrities and collectors are amongst the many people that shop here. In my first hour of the show I was honored to meet the infamous Rachel Ashwell from Shabby Chic. She bought a few things from us and needless to say we were pretty happy about it!  Not only do we meet great customers but I have made many friends who are in the business throughout the years. I always think of them as my “Brimfield family” and can count on them for advice, laughs, and encouragement.

In previous years I had always set up on a field called Sheltons, but this year I wanted to switch it up a bit and try something new so I will be on New England Motel #67 from Tues-Sat.

Here are some pictures from past Brimfield shows. If you are in the area come pay us a visit!






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