Where we last left off

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Ultimately when I first started this blog nine years ago I had every intention of solely writing about antiques and design. As we all know sometimes life imitates art and it always winds up creeping into the mix. For me this is what made my blog unique and real, while at the same time telling stories about my experiences being an antique dealer.



Six years ago this May my son was born. Although it seems like a lifetime ago it also seems like yesterday. I was a new mom and my life had changed forever. The lazy carefree time I once had was now consumed with changing diapers, endless feedings,  and minimal sleep.  It’s a tough time to get through in those first days and weeks, but the end result is the unconditional love and bond you both share. Unfortunately the blog took a backseat while I entered this new chapter in my life.

Although the blog temporarily ended my love and appreciation for antiques did not. I still found a way to keep working and doing what I love. While it was challenging in those first couple years of my sons life I managed to keep my space in Concord at Thoreauly Antiques. I even managed to set up at the Brimfield antiques show twice a year. As most working moms know its a constant juggling act between work and parenting but I believe if you truly have a passion for both it will all work itself out in the end.

I have always been a creative person from the time I was a little girl. With constant ideas streaming through my mind and always dreaming about the next big masterpieces I would create. In the last few years I was becoming discontent and not happy with the status quo. I knew I could do bigger things creatively and felt that with my experience and talent it was time to make that leap. With support from family and friends I took that jump and created  The Cabinet of Curiosities. Countless hours were spent planning this antique market along with two other partners. The market was a raging success with about 20 talented dealers, amazing food vendors and about 500 attendees. Much to my dismay it was the first and last Cabinet of Curiosities show in that particular venue.

While I needed some time to decompress and lick my wounds I knew that I again was not only discontent but needed to create something that was entirely my own and where I could express myself on my own conditions and just be “Me”. Without a moments hesitation I called a friend to see if she would be interested in helping me create the new and improved website Antique Therapy. Now not only will I have a blog to write and post pictures on but after Brimfield I will have an e-commerce page so I can sell my wares. As usual I have a few other ideas brewing in my head to add to the site but for now I will start off slow and ease my way back in.

I welcome back new and old followers of my blog and invite you to take this ride with me once again into the world of Antique Therapy..and come get your “Fix” for design!  As usual happy hunting!!



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